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Ericeira beaches are known for their beautifull surroundig clifs, coarse and clear sand, and rich iodine breeze where you'll find perfect conditions to rest in the sun, but also to have an active and fun vacation, from hiking to fishing and surf.

In October 2011 Ericeira became a World Surfing Reserve declared by the international organisation Save the Waves Coalition. 

The Ericeira World Surfing Reserve extends on a coastal belt that covers seven world-class waves in a space of only 4 km, making this the perfect spot for surf, stand up paddle or bodyboard.

Historic Village
Ericeira 1962
Ericeira - Praia do Norte  1912
Nikon 194

Its name Ericeira (Eyriceira – Oyriceira) philologically means “Place of Sea-Urchins” making allusion to the rich populations of these “shell-fish” on the rocky shores of their beaches.

In 1229 the Village of Ericeira received a first Charter and later in 1513 a second one, recognizing its importance as fishing village as well as a commercial port. 

The climate of Ericeira is peculiar not only because the air is extremely rich in iodine originated in the huge “Laminaria” fields (large marine algae) on his shores but also  as generally in the Summer, even in the hottest days, there is almost always an evening breeze which refreshes the nights.

Due to this, by the end of the Nineteen Century, several Lisbon families came to spend their summer holIdays in this small Village not very far from Lisbon, making it an important beach resort.


In Ericeira you can enjoy the laydback life of a seaside village, relax and have fun. Ericeira is well know for its day time summer activities as well as an exciting night time life!

Local gastronomy is rich in seafood and fish as well as tipical sweets and pastry, and you can find a big selection of nice restaurations and grocery shops as well as the town market for your convenience.

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