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In the late XIX century a branch of the Burnay family came to Ericeira to spend holidays and built two villas.  Since then, all the next generations felt a strong bound with the village and its people. Today, we are proud to could say that some off our ancestors took part in the history of this unique village.

We are a family business and our aim is to give you some of the cosiness of a guest house together with the freedom of a private apartment.

Burnay Family
Old Casas Burnay 1915
Grandfather Ericeira 1940
Great-Great - Grandfather Ericeira 1923
Grandfather Ericeira 1926_edited
Grandfather Ericeira 1926 (2)
Great-Grandmother and Grandfather Ericeira 1927
"We and our team will do our best to make your stay memorable!"
Rita & Ana Burnay
Rita Burnay
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